Main Solutions

CompSens(TouchAir) provides VR&AR solutions that incubate our unique 3D natural user interface and natural interaction methods.


CompSens(TouchAir) has been developing a new solution that integrates the hand tracking sensor,view angle sensor, with Head Mounted 3D Display (HMD), thereby offering end users the chance to totally and naturally interact with the virtual world in a well-designed immersive 3D user interface. By using the true 3D user interface and natural user interaction method, CompSens(TouchAir) revolutionizes the user experience to get information from the digital world.


NMC is a 3D graphics engine which is entirely developed on the basis of HTML5 open standards, without relying on tripartite platform, such as Adobe Flash, Windows Silverlight, etc.

Compared with other tripartite platforms, NMC consumes much less system resource. For instance, while the computer CPU occupancy rate reaches 100% to realize a certain function, that of which completed by NMC just will be 12%.

3.CompSens(TouchAir) 3D NUI framework

CompSens(TouchAir) 3D NUI framework provides a series of software kits and plugins, which can help developers smoothly migrate current games or apps to CompSens(TouchAir)'s 3D NUI framework that support natural user interaction.

Latest Events

2014-02 New brand name "CompSens" Enabled
2014-01 Our game product "Space Astro Blaster" was showed with Intel in 2014 CES Per-C booth at Las Vegas
2012-12 Portfolio company of Microsoft Azure Accelerator >>
2012-10 1st place winner in Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest 2012 >>
2012-08 China Winner of Qualcomm QPrize 2012 >>
2012-07 3D immersive natural user interaction demo was ready.>>
2011-08 Company Start Up