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We’d like to introduce a new solution, which you might have seen in the science fiction movies. It’s an integrated solution with depth sensor, head motion tracker, head mounted 3D display, and a unique immersive 3D natural user interface, PIVIS. In your own PIVIS, you will feel you step into the virtual world; you can interact with the 3D virtual objects surrounding you with a very natural method, including hand motion gesture, voice and the change of visual angle, just as what you do in the real world.

The depth sensor is used to record every motion of your hands. When turning your head, the change of your visual angle can be identified by the head motion tracker in real time.

There are two hand-shape pointers in your visual field. You can drive them with your hands freely in real time.

The PIVIS will offer various types of feedback, such as voice responses, changing of icons and so on, to your interactive orders.

You can also give a voice order to you PIVIS. In your own PIVIS, you can browse latest news, check mails, and even play with a virtual pet naturally.

Concept Video for AR Solution

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